PDTC signs agreement with BEL to promote defense and aerospace technologies in both countries

NEW DELHI: Power For Defense Technologies Co (PDTC), a Saudi Arabian company signed an agreement with Navratna Defense PSU, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) India, to bring India and Saudi Arabia closer through the promotion of defense and aerospace technologies. Power for Defense Technologies was founded by Sheikh Mohammed Mustfa-Zaini Al-Shaibi, a member of a highly renowned and respected AL Shaibi family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

PDTC has been founded with a vision to foster deeper and better business, technological and cultural relationship between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India through the promotion, transfer and deployment of cutting-edge autonomous technological solutions in the Defense, Aerospace and Security sector.

The agreement will facilitate BEL and PDTC to collectively bring cutting-edge technologies and technological solutions to The KSA’s Défense eco-system.

Sheikh Mohammed Mustfa-Zaini Al-Shaibi said, “BEL is at the forefront of technology innovation in India. The partnership with BEL will enable us to bring critical technologies for civilian and defense application to KSA.”

He further stated, “Saudi Arabia and India are rising powers and key players in their respective regions and are natural partners in addressing the various challenges confronting the region.”

Anil Pant, General Manager International Marketing, Bharat Electronics Limited, said, “As a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art electronic products and systems for the Defence forces we foresee many such technological partnerships in the near future between The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India. BEL offers technology products in the areas of Coastal Radar System, Advanced Threat Detection suites with Radar, Drone protection System and much more. This agreement will further cement the existing bilateral ties between the two countries elevating the relationship to a strategic partnership.”

Gopi Krishna Reddy, Cross-border expert and strategic advisor to PDTC said, “The partnership between BEL and Power for Defense Technologies Co is an important milestone in India- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia growing corporation in the field of research & development and technology exchange. We are excited to bring cutting edge technology to the KSA”

This agreement has been facilitated by Gopi Krishna Reddy and Hisham Khalid, advisors to Power for Defence Technologies Co. Syed Wahab Quadri and Jagatheesh Kumar Bagulayan from the management of PDTC will be leading the initiative with BEL.

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