Skye Air becomes the first ever Indian company to join the Global UTM Association

NEW DELHI: Skye Air, the Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) services in India, for the safe and efficient operation of drones in the airspace, has announced that it has joined the Global UTM Association (GUTMA), a non-profit consortium of worldwide UTM stakeholders. GUTMA’s mission is to foster the safe, secure, and efficient integration of drones in national airspace systems by supporting and accelerating the transparent implementation of globally interoperable UTM systems.

As a member of GUTMA, Skye Air will work alongside other industry leaders to shape the future of UTM systems and ensure that the safe integration of drones in the national airspace is achieved. Skye Air recognizes the importance of developing global standards and interoperability to create a safe and efficient airspace environment for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

“We are excited to join the Global UTM Association and work with other industry leaders to drive forward the adoption of safe and secure UTM systems,” said Ankit Kumar, CEO, Skye Air. “As a member of GUTMA, we are committed to ensuring that our solutions align with global standards and best practices, to help advance the integration of drones into the national airspace. Skye UTM is set to help the Indian drone ecosystem grow at a rapid pace with wider adoption across sectors. The proprietary Skye Tunnel is a game changer for Air Taxi and Drone Delivery operations allowing tunnel based navigation throughout.”

Commenting on the same, Koen De Vos, Secretary-General, GUTMA said “”The Global UTM Association warmly welcomes Skye Air Mobility’s Skye UTM as our first Indian Member. Skye UTM’s experience in the Indian airspace will provide an invaluable contribution to GUTMA’s efforts in promoting global regulatory and standards harmonization. We are excited to have Skye UTM as part of our community and look forward to working together towards a future of seamless and sustainable drone operations.”

Skye UTM is dedicated to providing safe and reliable UAS solutions for a wide range of industries, including air taxi, delivery, agriculture, inspection, and surveillance verticals. With the goal of enhancing operational efficiency, Skye UTM continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the unmanned aerial systems industry.

Skye UTM platform uses advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and tunnel-based navigation, to manage and monitor drone operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing risks of collisions with other drones or manned aircraft. Skye UTM system offers real-time data and analytics, enabling drone operators to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. The company caters to various industries, including but not limited to agriculture, infrastructure, and emergency services. By providing reliable and secure UTM services, Skye Air aims to unlock the full potential of the drone industry, driving innovation and creating new opportunities for businesses and communities.


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