Bombardier expands service offerings

NEW DELHI: Bombardier has announced the continued expansion of its Smart Services offerings with the introduction of a new APU cost-per-flight-hour add-on option for its flagship Global 7500 aircraft.

This new option will provide customers with comprehensive cost coverage for the Safran SPU300 [BA] auxillary power unit, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events on or off wing.

The Smart Services Global 7500 APU cost coverage option represents Bombardier’s continued commitment to evolve and refine its offerings to meet the needs of customers. Cost coverage includes exchange or repair of APU line replacement components and associated labour for removal and re-installation, off-wing APU repair at Bombardier designated repair centres, removal and re-installation labour for the APU on/off the aircraft, recommended service bulletins and more.

“We are committed to ensuring our customers get the best customer experience possible and this new offering for our flagship Global 7500 business jet provides flexibility and important peace of mind for customers of this incredible aircraft,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Experience, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

“We’re continually expanding our network and services options to maximize the efficiency of our customers’ aircraft operations. We have also added thousands of parts to our network – as well as a two-year parts warranty, comprehensive price-matching policy and one simple monthly payment for the airframe systems and APU under Smart Services for the Global 7500 aircraft. This announcement exemplifies Bombardier’s commitment to provide customers with an ouststanding aftermarket service experience,” he added.

With the longest running aircraft cost-per-flight-hour programs in aviation, Bombardier has gained invaluable customer feedback and experience to enhancing its growing portfolio of programs. The new Smart Services APU optional cost coverage is yet another addition to a range of optional add-ons available under Smart Part Plus or Smart Parts Preferred, such as landing gear overhaul and cabin systems components. Scheduled and unscheduled labour cost coverage can also be added under Smart Parts Preferred. With additional add-on choices, customers can tailor their selected program for their flight operations’ needs.

The introduction of the Global 7500 APU cost coverage is the latest in a cascade of customer service announcements over the past several months aimed at enhancing Bombardier’s customer service footprint in the U.S. and around the world. With major service centre expansions ongoing in both Miami Opa-Locka and Singapore, the development of new Line Maintenance Stations and Mobile Response Team enhancements, Bombardier continues to provide outstanding onsite, mobile and aircraft-on-ground resolution services for its customers.

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