Airbus ordered to delay implementing Qatar jet cancellation

NEW DELHI: Qatar Airways accused planemaker Airbus on Friday of revoking an order for 50 A321neo jets to put pressure on the airline over a separate dispute over paintwork on larger A350 jets, as it takes court action to prevent Airbus from cancelling the deal.

A lawyer for the Gulf carrier also said in a court hearing that the airline had paid $330 million so far in pre-payments for the 50 jets.

Airbus reiterated it had cancelled the order to protect its valid contractual rights and said it would not do anything to disrupt the first jet deliveries pending further hearings.

A UK court hearing on Qatar Airways’ request for an injunction preventing Airbus from cancelling the A321neo order will be held in the week of April 4.

Qatar Airways says Airbus using A321neo as leverage in paint row

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