Air Canada provides update on Boeing 737 MAX operations

NEW DELHI: Air Canada said that it has now removed the Boeing 737 MAX from its operating schedule until June 30, 2020.

The decision is based on operational considerations following an announcement by Boeing Co. that it now estimates the 737 MAX will remain grounded by regulators until mid-2020.

Air Canada is removing the Boeing 737 MAX from its operating scheduled to provide customers certainty when planning and booking their travel. It will also allow the airline to manage its schedule and fleet most effectively as it awaits decisions by Canadian and international regulators on returning the 737 MAX safely into service. Customers affected by these changes will be advised of their new itineraries and offered suitable travel options.

In compliance with a safety notice closing Canadian airspace issued by Transport Canada on March 13, 2019, Air Canada grounded its fleet of 24 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Final decisions on returning the 737 MAX to service will be based on Air Canada’s safety assessment following the lifting of government safety notices and requisite approvals by the FAA and Transport Canada.

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