Microsoft,Thales work to automate satellite image processing

NEW DELHI: Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), and Microsoft announced that they are innovating together on cloud technologies in space by adding the DeeperVision automated image processing solution developed by Thales Alenia Space to Microsoft’s Azure Orbital platform.

With DeeperVision, all images downlinked by Earth observation satellites can be immediately and systematically analyzed as soon as they are produced.

DeeperVision is a digital image analyst that uses artificial intelligence to process and analyze huge volumes of Earth observation imagery, automatically detect how features evolve over time and monitor areas of interest, such as changes, anomalies and similarities. Information is automatically and continuously extracted from the images as they are produced.

The results are then stored as metadata in the catalogue, enriching it. This innovative solution lets users focus on the relevant content of imagery, where human expertise is vital. DeeperVision is a key digital service for quickly and systematically mass processing Earth observation imagery.

Clarence Duflocq, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at Thales Alenia Space, commented: “Thales Alenia Space and Microsoft are innovating together by combining their expertise in space and cloud technologies. Customers can now combine all the functionality of Thales Alenia Space’s DeeperVision solution for processing dataflows and generating timely information with the cloud capabilities of Azure Orbital. This information is enriched by high-speed, high-volume artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an unprecedented impact on and beyond the planet!”

“Processing space satellite imagery at cloud-scale changes the game for our customers who need these AI/ML data insights to quickly make informed decisions for mission success. Supporting impactful innovation for our customers is a top priority for our Azure Space efforts – adding DeeperVision to Azure Orbital is a testament to our ongoing collaboration with Thales Alenia Space” said Tom Keane, CVP of Azure Global at Microsoft.


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